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Hi, I'm Deborah! I understand the importance and power of visual design, whether for web or print, and love putting my creativity to work by coming up with elegant and efficient design solutions. Take a look at some of my work below and let's get in touch!


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About Me

Although I recently graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Design (focus on web and print) I've always been passionate about creating for the web - even in middle school I was making layouts in Photoshop and HTML for my Neopets pages! Back then the ideas behind User Experience were still being cultivated and the web was littered with scrolling marquees and splash pages, but what fascinated me was the idea of combining two of my favorite things: art and technology.

Over the years I've learned a lot and my fascination remains. I love being able to create unique and fun experiences online and am always trying to learn more, whether it be the latest Javascript framework or a cool CSS animation.

When I'm not creating web applications I'm usually experimenting with other creative outlets such as typography/calligraphy, photography, or planning my next project in my sketchbook. Otherwise, I'm probably in the kitchen baking pies, out exploring on my bike, or playing with my two lazy cats, Tally and Mira.

Get in Touch

Have an interesting project? A question? Just want to say hello? Use the contact form and let's talk! Prefer email? Shoot me a message at