CCCN homepage before and after
CCCN homepage before and after

Campus Copies & Classical Notes Redesign

UC Davis

Fall 2015

For this redesign project I attempted to fix some of the issues with the website for UC Davis's campus resource, Campus Copies & Classical Notes. This involved:

  • Interviewing users to find the pain points and identifying user goals

  • Creating personas to categorize the types of people who use this resource

  • Organizing a site map to visualize navigation and content

  • Drafting wireframes for user testing and feedback

  • Combining all research into website mockups, ready to be implemented

What's the problem?

The first step was to identify what could be fixed. Several users of the CCCN website were interviewed to find out their experiences. Along with a general sense of inconsistency and disconnect, the two biggest pain-points found were:

Too many pages for a small amount of information.

Upon entering the site, the user is greeted with two large, attention-grabbing circular links, one for copies and one for notes. This is great for people who know exactly what they're looking for, and as long as it's one of those two choices, but for those who have never used this resource before there's nothing telling them what this CCCN is actually for. In order to find this out, the user must navigate to the About page for a few sentences of information.

Important information is missing.

It is not clear that the user must pay a subscription to print out the notes, which also causes you to automatically lose your online access. For the copies cost generator page, there is no information saying that the physical store only accepts cash.

Visualizing users

Two personas were created based on CCCN's main users: professors and students.

Persona 1:

  • Name: Professor Smith

  • Summary: Busy History professor teaching multiple lecture classes, regular CCCN user.

  • Goal: Print out 40 copies of class reader to pick up before tomorrow's class.

  • Motivation: Using CCCN is convenient because it's located on campus and about the same price as Fedex. This allows Professor Smith to upload the reader file online and pick up the printed copy before class.

  • Attitude: If the reader is not printed in time, or if it is unable to be uploaded due to technical error, Professor Smith will get frustrated.

Persona 2:

  • Name: Student Sally

  • Summary: Economics student studying for a midterm who has never used CCCN.

  • Goal: Buy notes to study for Econ midterm next week.

  • Motivation: Sally heard about CCCN from a friend and decided to check it out to find notes for her Econ class midterm. As a broke college student, the cheaper the better.

  • Attitude: Sally is desperate for notes to study for her midterm. CCCN sounds like a useful resource, however if she can't find notes for her class, or they're too expensive, she'll be frustrated.

Measuring Success

User goals were created with the interviews and persona's in mind:

  • Easy to use and navigate

  • The information at the physical location matches the information on the website

  • Information needs to be easily found and understood

Redesign Process

Site Map

A site map was created to visually understand and organize the links and content on the website. Through this process it was clear that information was spread out over multiple links and could be condensed. Click here to view the site map in a new tab.


The content was condensed into a simple wireframe, with the information organized to convey a sense of visual hierarchy. Click here to view wireframe files in a PDF format. Based on feedback, the main issue with the wireframes was the large amount of whitespace on the front page. It was also suggested that the "My Cart" and "My Notes" be fixed on the page, allowing the user to quickly reference what notes they already have while browsing.


With the wireframe feedback in mind, finalized mockups were created. To view all mockup files in PDF format, click here.

CCCN home page CCCN copies quote generator page CCCN Shop notes page

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