DB Deborah Bazsuly


Office Branding

  • Visual Identity & Branding
  • Environmental Design
  • Photo Retouching
Silver Muse Award Silver Muse Award Rose Gold Muse Award

In partnership with Idaptive, R2i submitted work in the Corporate Identity category and won: a Silver award for Brand Identity, a Silver award for Company Branding and a Rose Gold award for Promotions.

After working with Idaptive to build their brand identity, Idaptive came to R2i again to personalize their office space. This started with a tour of the interior and exterior office space to take photos and assess the opportunities for fun visual experiences. I then worked with the Associate Creative Director and Senior Designer to put together multiple directions for the client to choose from. There was a lot of creative freedom to explore more “out there” ideas - including using moss for wall art, an extra large interactive employee white-board, and colorful window tints. Shown is the direction the client moved forward with.

View of Idaptive entryway
Views of back wall and main office space

I used the photos taken during the office tour to create mockups. This first required cleaning up the photos - removing blemishes on the walls and distracting clutter on the desks, and general color tone adjustments. With the photos cleaned up I then made editable smart objects to easily add our designs to the walls in a way that allowed the client to easily visualize our proposed ideas.

I put together a direction featuring a rainforest-esque theme which tied into Idaptives new branding and their beloved mascot, Leon the Chameleon. Bringing in a sense of nature to the space as a key aspect of the direction. To accomplish this we used moss for walls and accent pieces, along with a canopy of Ikea leaves which diffused the harsh office lighting in the employee break room.

Employee break room
Employee wall

Near the employee entrance was large blank wall – perfect for a large interactive art piece. For this direction we proposed covering the wall in white-board material. Printed on top of the white board material is a custom illustration which could be colored in by employees. This would allow the previously underutilized space to be used for internal news or as a branded photo backdrop.

Office space view
View of main office space View of conference room wall tint