DB Deborah Bazsuly


K18 Email Template
& Speaker/Sponsor Kits

  • Email Template Design
  • Email Template Development
  • Web and Social Promotional Pieces
  • Presentation Design

ServiceNow came to R2i for a modular newsletter email template and various promotional assets for their Knowledge18 conference. I was lead designer and worked with the account manager and the client to design and develop an email template that would be easily customizable using the client’s marketing automation tool, Eloqua. In order to make the new template as easy-to-use as possible, I also developed a usage guide which allowed anyone, even those unfamiliar with email development, to create and edit the template.

Client was presented with multiple email designs in the initial round, however only the chosen and final version is shown here.

Knowledge18 email newsletter inSitu view
ServiceNow K18 email InSitu

Email development can be a challenge due to the dated way emails need to be coded. This template was designed with a lot of overlapping shapes which can be a bit tricky when it comes to getting consistent renderings across different screen sizes and all email clients (particularly older versions of Outlook). For this project I used Litmus to test and debug any rendering errors.

This template was developed using a subtractive approach where the client, after cloning the template, could remove the modules they did not want and keep the modules they did want. The HTML was commented in such a way that made finding, removing, or changing the order of the modules very simple. I also led a tutorial session over video with the client to visually navigate the through editing the template.

ServiceNow K18 email template modules

The second half of the project involved creating promotional pieces for the event speakers and sponsors. These assets included a PowerPoint deck design, badges, social media posts, and web banners.

ServiceNow K18 Speaker Slide and Banners
ServiceNow K18 Sponsor Kit banners
ServiceNow K18 email template sketches