DB Deborah Bazsuly


Various Projects

  • Animated Web Banners
  • Social Media Posts
  • Digital Publications
  • Email Design
  • Website Design

I’ve had the pleasure of working on multiple Centrify projects while at R2i. These projects span several marketing campaigns, and even a brand refresh, and resulted in the creation of an eBook, microsite, several emails, as well as static and animated banners.

The most recent campaign I worked on was a Cross-Sell campaign launching at the same time as the brand refresh. I designed a microsite, Buyer’s Guide PDF, and several emails for the campaign which utilized Centrify’s newly developed brand look and feel.

Centrify Cross-Sell Landing Page
Centrify Cross-Sell email samples
Centrify Cross-Sell Buyers Guide
Centrify Cross-Sell Infographic InSitu

Below includes work from Centrify’s earlier branding, when they came to R2i for a meeting maker to send out to prospective clients at a C-Suite level. Using the photography from the mailer, I designed the landing page that the mailer led to, as well as the emails that were sent after filling out the form on the landing page. I also created the storyboards for animated ads which would also link to the landing page.

Centrify Landing Page
Centrify Email - Mobile and Desktop View
Centrify web banner storyboard animation

One of my first projects working with the Centrify branding was to design static and animated web banners, along with social posts, for one of their eBooks. These assets can be seen below.

Centrify web banner storyboard
Centrify web banners
Centrify social post