DB Deborah Bazsuly

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Alexa Meeting Maker

  • Campaign Concepting
  • Packaging
  • Print Production
  • Web and Email Design
Silver Davey Award

In partnership with Amazon Web Services, R2i submitted work in the Corporate Identity category and won a Silver award for Package Design.

Amazon came to R2i to build a campaign to increase Amazon Alexa usage in business environments. As lead designer on the project, I worked with the Associate Creative Director, Senior Copywriter, and Print Production Manager to create multiple visual directions for the client to choose from. These directions took the form of a packaged mailer box, which would then be mailed to prospective clients with the intention of them scheduling a meeting to learn more about Alexa for Business.

Out of several options presented, the chosen direction was a pop-up book inspired mailer which invited the prospective client to imagine what their office could be like with Alexa for Business.

AWS Mailer Exterior
AWS Mailer Interior views

Initially the client was not going to include a free Amazon Alexa device in the mailer, however, in later rounds it was decided to include it. This meant a major reworking the original design so that the device could be held securely while being mailed.

The pop-up effect was a fun challenge to put together and required multiple printed prototypes to ensure the design folded and closed properly. I was also able to build the scene using imagery from copyright-free photography sources to keep costs down.

Interior view of AWS Echo Dot Mailer

In a later round, the client decided to send certain prospective clients the Amazon Echo, while others received an Echo Dot. The Dot’s packaging is much smaller than the Echo’s and so this version required redesigning the insert and shifting copy to the interior flap.

All mockup renderings were created by me in Adobe Photoshop to help the client visualize the final piece. Once client approved the mailer design I then worked with the printer to develop the die-lines and final print file.

Because this was such a unique project that had a lot of challenges to solve, I’m also sharing my early sketches of how I envisioned the mailer.

Initial AWS Mailer Sketches